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Web Hosting Dedicated Ip

Web Hosting Dedicated Ip – When you are looking to host your website, there are various essential factors that you need to consider. When you come to host your website on shared hosting, there may be some problems

For this, a dedicated IP web hosting is needed which offers certain features that you need to understand.

Web Hosting Dedicated Ip

Below in this article, you will find what an IP address is, how shared and dedicated IP addresses differ from each other with the benefits of dedicated IP hosting. So you can easily decide whether you should go with it or not?

Dedicated Ip & Internet Services

What is an IP address? First, IP stands for Internet Protocol, and is defined as a unique string of numbers, assigned to each computer connected to the Internet.

With a dedicated IP address, you can access your website by typing in the IP address.

An IP address is part of the Domain Name System (DNS), which stores all the IP addresses associated with domain names. So an ISP is able to look up the domain name and see the associated IP address.

The domain name was developed because it is easier for people to remember compared to numbers. A single server can have more than one IP address, but it needs at least one to be publicly available on the Internet.

Shared Hosting Vs. Dedicated Hosting

It can host multiple websites. It can be one, two, or even more clients can use the same resource. It’s also possible to get a shared IP address even if you don’t use shared web hosting.

Example – if you managed WordPress hosting then you can still use a shared IP address. So without sharing server resources, you can have a shared IP address.

With shared web hosting, server hardware and network features can be shared with multiple users.

A dedicated IP address acts as a unique identifier used to provide a valid address to a website on a given network.

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This is a unique address that is not shared with other domain names. So, when you type in an IP address, it will open directly to your website.

Example – You can just take the example of your home, your home address is your IP address, while home is your website.

Dedicated and shared IP addresses are great with their own features. Now let’s talk about how they differ from each other.

Now, we have seen what the shared and dedicated IP address are. The difference between them is quite simple.

Different Types Of Ip Address

1. Most web hosting service providers provide both shared and dedicated web hosting services. With shared web hosting, server space is provided for rent. Here you can share server resources with many users, which helps keep the cost low.

With dedicated hosting, you can get your own server for rent. In this way, server resources are dedicated to individual users. So the cost of a server will be higher. But with the higher cost, you can get more features such as storage, bandwidth, performance and security.

2. With a shared hosting plan, a single IP address can be used for different websites within one web server. In this case, the web server needs to do some extra work, needs to send the user request to the designated website.

When a website with a dedicated IP address means it has its own URL. You can use an IP address and a domain name to access websites.

How To Send Emails From Accounts’ Dedicated Ip Address?

To secure your sites you need an SSL certificate. And to get the SSL certificate you need a dedicated IP address.

A new Server Name Identification (SNI) technology makes it possible to obtain an SSL certificate without a dedicated IP address.

If you run an e-commerce store and have other websites, it is necessary to secure your website data. To improve the security of your website you need an SSL certificate.

There are so many benefits to having a dedicated IP address for a website hosted on a dedicated server. Let’s talk about the main benefits of dedicated IP hosting

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Sometimes it is important to check how a website will look before launching your website online. With a dedicated IP address, the server can be accessed without changing the DNS setting for your domain name.

Example – if you want to see what your site looks like before it’s launched. With a dedicated IP address, you will get direct access to the server, without changing the DNS settings.

If you have a website that drives high traffic then it is important to have a dedicated IP. The dedicated IP hosting will help your website to increase the website loading speed.

With the shared IP address, there are several difficulties and with the same, it may affect the email services as well.

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Sometimes there are situations where users block or blacklist shared IP addresses that can affect your email service. So using a dedicated IP address can separate your email service from the consequences of abuse.

An SSL certificate is used to improve website security. This will help keep your website data safe and secure.

It is not mandatory to have a dedicated IP address but it depends on your web hosting providers.

If you want to run certain applications and scripts at the same time, a dedicated IP address may be necessary.

Top Benefits Of A Dedicated Ip — Is Dedicated Ip Worth It?

When your IP address is refreshed, there may be a risk of downtime. It’s only for a very short time. But when it comes to the shared server it will definitely make an impact.

If you have a website and it is new, you may not need dedicated web hosting. But if your website has high traffic then dedicated IP will be beneficial for you.

A dedicated IP address has many benefits that will also improve your web hosting experience with security. If you are looking for the above features, you should choose a dedicated IP address. Check out a deployment in our modern app storage. For a limited time, your first $20 is on us.

The question of whether you should use a dedicated IP address or a shared IP address for WordPress hosting can be quite controversial. In fact, it’s a topic that comes up often here at.

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This is partly due to the amount of incorrect and outdated information on the Internet when it comes to dedicated IP addresses and how they work. We’ve found that in 99% of scenarios, you don’t need a dedicated IP. Although this may conflict with what you read, bear with us.

In this post, we’ll explain what both a dedicated IP address and a shared IP address are, and some of the main differences between the two configurations.

We’ll debunk some of the myths you may have heard about how they affect things like email, SSL, SEO, and more.

First, it is important to understand what an IP address is. IP stands for Internet Protocol and is an address assigned to every domain on the Internet (for example:

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In your address bar, a DNS query is performed by your ISP to request the name servers associated with that domain.

The mapping to the IP address is then done behind the scenes by the server, allowing you to use the domain name to access it. Without DNS, you’ll have to type something like “” to get to Google.

Currently, there are two types of IP addresses used on the Internet, and even locally by ISPs and devices like your home router. They are IPv4 and IPv6:

We won’t go into too much detail about these, but what you should know is that the Internet grew so fast that it needed a larger address space. Basically, we ran out of IPs!

How To Configure A Dedicated Ip Address To Show The Website

One of the reasons IPv6 was developed is to ensure that the network can continue to expand and new IP addresses can be assigned. However, when it comes to determining whether or not you need a dedicated IP address versus a shared IP address, it all still applies to IPv4 and IPv6.

To use a dedicated IP or not to use a dedicated IP 🤔… that’s the question this post answers ⬇️ click to tweet

A dedicated IP address is exactly what it sounds like: it means that your domain is assigned an IP address that is not shared or used by other domains. This is the home of your domain on the Internet.

You can think of it as a dedicated phone line. A dedicated IP is usually assigned to your domain by your hosting provider or is an add-on that can be purchased for a small fee.

Enterprise Dedicated Server Hosting

A shared IP address, as opposed to a dedicated address, means that your domain is mapped to an address that is shared between multiple domains. Shared IP is quite common these days with most hosting providers.

This is because for many configurations, a dedicated IP address is not necessary. However, we’ll get into more of the reasoning behind this in a moment.

All our hosting plans are here on e with one shared IP address. Your WordPress site’s IPv4 address can be found in My Dashboard. It’s located under your site’s info tab:


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