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Website Hosting And Maintenance Services

Website Hosting And Maintenance Services – Innovative Hub Malaysia understands the power of successful online strategies and we are here to help businesses strengthen their competitiveness and help them find new opportunities with full service digital marketing solutions.

The purchase is just a few clicks away from your customer’s devices. Digital marketing solutions are meant to bring you more traffic and leads, which are then converted into sales. Want to know how your business can thrive in the competitive market? Let’s check out some of the digital marketing services in Malaysia!

Website Hosting And Maintenance Services

We help businesses to strengthen their competitiveness online echoing their offline strategies. Innovative Hub will work with you on digital strategies based on your business needs. Every business we adapt and tailor strategies that work. Our goal is to be successful with you. Whenever our client’s business prospers, it is our victory too!

Web Hosting Basics: How Web Hosting Works

Our digital marketing consultant will understand your business planning, goals, pain points, budget, and offer a strategy to achieve your desired result.

The digital marketing solution will be carefully crafted and developed to match the business goals, shaping the ideas and vision into a marketing blueprint.

This is where things got exciting. Your customized solution will be implemented phrase by phrase, tweaked and adjusted along the way to ensure successful implementation.

Our team will manage your performance along the way, making sure that the marketing and performance activities are in line with the planning.

How To Choose Services In The Website Maintenance Packages? By Siddhant Gusain

While all digital marketing companies in Malaysia offer more or less the same service and solution to businesses. what makes us different from others then? We care. We love every digital marketing project like ours.

Innovative Hub has helped improve the speed of my website, and provided me with a one stop service to manage and maintain my website. Very satisfied with the after sales service, and will continue to use their services.

Innovative Hub helps us stay on track with digital marketing transformation so that we are not left behind by the change in our customers’ behaviour. They also assist us in using the digital marketing tool to increase our sales. Thank you very much, the Innovative Center team.

Innovative Hub is helping us a lot in the process of digitizing our business since 2019. We have been engaging with them on several projects, from website, social media, to our customer relationship management. All these have helped us get a better result and work more efficiently for our marketing.

The 61 Options For The Best Website Design In Singapore [2022 ]

Great experience working with Innovative Hub for developing our website and helping us implement our digital marketing plan while penetrating the larger market. This project has helped us grow our business over time.

We have been in the B2B business for a very long time and have taken advantage of our foothold in the B2C market. Our company has engaged Innovative Hub as our digital marketing team to help us with the expansion. They have successfully implemented the marketing plan and helped us grow our sales flow across multiple digital channels. We are very satisfied with the service and their efforts. Our company would like to express our appreciation to Innovative Hub and the team.

Innovative Hub support is improving our website and we are getting a new inquiry since this improvement. Their service is good and they will give their professional opinion to solve our problem.

We strive to help businesses achieve better performance through digitalisation. Our team of experts will help you find the best solution that fits your business needs.

WordPress Design, Maintenance, Hosting, Shopify Design, Us Based, Trusted Since 1997

An e-marketplace is a web-based platform where sellers and buyers can meet and communicate. For example, various states…Many business owners do not realize that their websites are vulnerable to hacking and attacks that reduce security and disrupt service. While it is possible to get a compromised website back online, the process is expensive and complicated – and restoring customer trust is difficult. Protect your business and website security with WordPress hosting plans, maintenance and security patches from .

A vulnerability is a weakness in a website’s code. More code is added to the website as a website grows and plugins are incorporated to perform necessary business functions. These plugins can serve as a backdoor, allowing hackers who have compromised the plugins to enter a business’s website.

Although all websites can have security vulnerabilities, the risk of attack increases as a website ages. Because older content management systems (CMS) and plugins have been on the web longer, it’s more likely that a hacker will know how to break in. Multiple problems can arise as a result of website hacking, including:

A responsible website maintenance company will check your website for known security vulnerabilities and patch them before hackers can access it. If any suspicious activity is detected, it can be stopped and corrected before further damage occurs.

Standard Web Support Service Level Agreement

Always makes a point to stay on top of changes to technology and security standards. As part of our security plans for WordPress websites, our experts continuously monitor your website for potential problems and harden your website against vulnerabilities.

It is impossible to predict all the possible vulnerabilities that can occur on any website. offers immediate cleanup and repair support in the event of a breach or hack. This service is provided at no additional cost to customers with a website hosting plan.

Offers a risk-free maintenance plan to suit the unique needs of your business. Our plan goes beyond standard maintenance and provides additional insurance for your website’s health through regular security patching. Experts will proactively protect your website’s defenses against known vulnerabilities, reducing the likelihood of your website being hacked or attacked.

Regularly updating website content is essential to search engine optimization. Websites that remain static, or the same, for extended periods will fall to the bottom of search engine results pages (SERPs). A website maintenance plan is perfect for any business that has a WordPress website that is already hosted by another provider. This scheme provides professional support with:

Support And Maintenance

Do-it-yourself options can be dangerous and devoid of proper security and maintenance support. By working with a dedicated WordPress hosting, security and maintenance company, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your website is protected against vulnerabilities. Contact us to learn more about hosting and security options to suit your small business or enterprise website.

* Please note that plugin support is limited to standard WordPress plugins; It cannot offer support for premium plugins that require additional licensing.Need a Website Hosting package? Website maintenance is the practice of monitoring the overall health and performance of your website. Updating a website is essential to ensure it is working to its full potential, engaging and retaining your website visitors.

Website hosting helps keep your website working properly and up to date. Website requires regular checking for any issues and updating the website and relevant. You need to monitor the health and performance of your website, get the latest security update, and update the website with fresh content. We provide web maintenance services in Singapore at an affordable rate that can cater to all your needs.

Behind the scenes, the best performing websites require constant maintenance and a series of incremental and security updates. This ensures that any issues are resolved quickly, prevents unplanned downtime and keeps the website running as intended.

Hosting, Support & Maintenance Services For Vivendo’s Web

We offer new and existing customers unrivaled website maintenance support to optimize their websites for great user experiences. Let us take care of your website and leave you free to focus on your business.

7. You want to start tracking your website traffic and activities through Google Analytics to improve conversion rates

Kudos to Raine, Jeremy and the team for developing my company’s website. The work is prompt and changes are made almost immediately after our discussion (Are you even sleeping?). Their responsiveness helps to reduce the time in developing the website. Raine even picks up calls after working hours to resolve my queries. Definitely give 6/5 stars for their initiative, and the willingness to go the extra mile. Cheers!

Jamil employed Saté Classic for our E-commerce website. Zhi Chean was assigned to assist us in the project. She is professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. She is helpful, patient and very responsive when answering our queries, even on weekends and after office hours. She keeps a close eye on the timeline and will always remind us of deadlines and things that need to be completed.

Hosting & Maintenance

We would like to thank you, the team at , for providing services in a timely manner. We highly recommend and appreciate the support and assistance of our project manager, Jeremy Kwong. He has been very helpful and has given me full support and always answers my questions when I need help.

5 Stars to Jeremy for his professionalism and excellent services. We are very happy with our new website and food ordering system!!! Thank you 🙂

Akina had shown excellent professionalism in her work in completing our applications. She understood our needs and acted accordingly, and also gave us recommendations with her years of experience and knowledge in this industry.

She also went out of her normal work schedule and came down to our office to provide training so we could better understand how to use our websites.

What Is Web Hosting? And How Does It Work?

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