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Website Hosting And Maintenance

Website Hosting And Maintenance – As a company that provides modern websites, it is important for us to maintain continuity in the websites we create. We host our clients’ websites regularly and provide regular maintenance that keeps each website performing at the level we need.

While we host and maintain websites for most of our clients, we don’t need it. Sometimes, forced hosting and maintenance leads to a disaster-level situation where the vendor will lock your website down and any movement away can mean you are down for rebuilding. Even for the clients we provide this service for, we do it as a way to continue to produce value for our clients as long as they continue to see value.

Website Hosting And Maintenance

Hosting covers everything from storing the actual files that power your website on a server and network connection that allows the rest of the world to see it. It’s the home for your website, where it lives, and where it grows.

What Is The Difference Between Website Maintenance And Hosting?

Hosting is cheap. You can get hosting as cheap as $3.99 per month from vendors like GoDaddy. In these very cheap hosting platforms, you are sharing what is called a virtual server with thousands of neighbors who do not promise to behave. If a website in that group experiences a heavy load, your website will suffer directly because of it. It’s like moving into a crowded college apartment when you have a family of four. In any case, we recommend economy level hosting. You really get what you pay for.

The host’s responsibility to you is to allocate space and network availability so that the website can be accessed from the Internet. That’s it. Anything else that might happen or go wrong with your website is in your hands.

These are things that can be a little confusing to users who are not familiar with the technology. Experiencing crashes, hacks, or slow websites will require you to call someone else with the skills and experience to navigate them – and usually at an unexpected cost.

Choosing a good, sound, quality host is half the battle. They will make security updates to their customers to reduce the risk to their entire server infrastructure. Host economy? No.

Host, Support, Maintain

When signing up for hosting and maintenance with Walk West, you can basically forget everything you’ve read up to this point. Because that’s our job, not yours. We use all reasonable care to protect and make the site Your site is up and running because we are responsible when it doesn’t. Yes.

Walk West’s server architecture is precisely optimized for WordPress and Drupal deployments. With Walk West, you get an optimized server architecture in a distributed system that allows scalable websites regardless of sudden traffic spikes – no annoying neighbors. Having an environment tailored specifically to WordPress and Drupal provides additional security benefits by understanding the fluidity of the product update cycle and installing patches before the site is compromised. Our hosting partners actively contribute to the open source community and are heavily involved with their sustainability and security.

Walk West will ensure that all hardware, software, and network updates are done proactively and as needed. CMS level updates happen in real time for minor versions and after checking major versions. Walk West will handle and correct all defects related to the work we provide. If you have a problem, we will fix it.

We take backup incredibly seriously. That’s why we have daily backups in all our plans as a standard service. If something goes wrong or content is accidentally deleted, Walk West will be able to revert to a state no older than yesterday’s snapshot.

Website Maintenance, Hosting And Support

Editing code on a live website is a recipe for almost certain disaster. That’s why we have a server architecture that lets us run separate environments so we can write code, test and deploy updates without disrupting your users. We can quickly provide a sandbox environment for our customers in case they want to try using words or images before editing on their live website. We regularly spin up an alternate environment after a major update so that the website, prior to the update, lives in private mode for maintenance or quality control purposes.

If you experience problems with your website, you call us, not some random call center located in some known world. We will not expect you to analyze your own problems. We will take the reigns and make sure it is handled in a methodical and timely manner. When it comes to operating your website, many technical terms are thrown into the conversation: web hosting, server, domains, DNS, nameservers, plugins, oh!

If you are trying to successfully serve your customers, the last thing you want to do is Googling phrases and trying to solve technical problems. At Business Builder, we both host and maintain websites for our clients.

To help clear up some of the confusion about these terms, we’ll break each one down individually, using a retail business as an example.

Cincinnati Hosting And Website Maintenance

Website hosting, in its simplest form, is putting your website on the web so that users can visit it.

For example, if your retail business needs a storefront, you need to rent space in the building. By paying the management company a monthly rental fee for the space in their building, your business can sell products.

Without paying for office space, your business is left homeless, and now you’re selling your products out of your trunk (yikes, that’s not a good thing). Hosting is the same thing!

By hosting your website, you are paying for a virtual “storefront” so that users can visit your website and interact with your company. Without hosting, your website is not available for users to visit, which means less business for you.

Should You Sell Website Support Or Maintenance Services?

Website hosting services also provide server support and security for your website. If the server your site is on goes down (like a power outage in front of your store), a web hosting service will work quickly to get your site back online. They will also provide security to your site to help avoid hacking and other malicious activities.

A domain is simply your internet address. Just like a storefront has an address so your customers can find your business, your website has an internet address so users can find you on the web.

Your domain can be owned by your company or the company that created your website, and it can be managed by your company or the company that created your website. It doesn’t really matter who owns or manages it, but you want to make sure that the party that manages your domain is comfortable making sure that it is renewed every year and that the settings are properly adjusted to show your website at your domain URL.

There is nothing worse than getting a new website online only to see a 404 error when you type in your domain name. If you are paying for a domain name, it should be available.

Hosting And Maintenance Plans

Website maintenance is the work to keep your website fully functional and healthy. Many websites look good but have not been significantly updated over time, which can cause many problems.

You can host your website with us, but if your website is not maintained properly, problems will follow. If your website is built on WordPress, you need to make sure that the WordPress version, theme, plugins, and code are kept up to date so that your website works properly and is secure.

If these items are neglected, your website may face all kinds of problems, from design flaws to serious errors, causing you to lose customers. Some of this can be done with limited WordPress knowledge; However, we do not recommend it.

WordPress and the plugins used on the website change frequently, and we keep track of the new changes and how they affect our customers. This allows us to be proactive rather than reactive, keeping our clients’ websites looking great and performing perfectly.

Website Hosting & Maintenance: Don’t Skimp!

You don’t want to open your retail storefront and then ignore the plumbing and HVAC, or worse, try to DIY the fix and cause a big problem. That may require closing your store for some time and paying exorbitant fees to help prioritize. Regular maintenance ensures that your business can be open and fully operational without major disruptions.

Of course, you can try to go the DIY route, but that tends to take longer. You have a business to run, and you should not worry about your website. That’s why we recommend hosting your website with us and enrolling your website in a maintenance plan to keep everything running smoothly.

Managing and hosting your website can be a headache and frustration, especially if you are not familiar with all of the technology. Familiarizing yourself with the above terms will give you a better understanding of what is needed to make your website public and keep it running smoothly.

If you feel overwhelmed by managing your website, contact us!

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