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Where Is Cloud Data Stored

Where Is Cloud Data Stored – Have you ever wondered if your data is stored in the cloud, why doesn’t it get wet when it rains?

Today I’m going to clear all your doubts about Cloud Storage and I promise no more lame jokes. 🙂

Where Is Cloud Data Stored

Where Is Cloud Data Stored

If you are a beginner, this article will prove to be a useful guide for you. Plus, it will help you understand the key concepts I cover in all my Cloud storage Reviews.

Understanding Cloud Storage Tiers And How They Can Help Your Business Save Money

In this article, I will cover everything about Cloud Storage – its meaning, its functionality, prices, benefits and advantages, and why you should start using cloud storage. immediately!

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of cloud storage services. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Therefore, Cloud Storage is a method of storing your data on remote servers located in large data centers. Your information can easily be found online.

Cloud Storage allows you to upload files to the cloud and then delete them from your local storage! This saves a lot of memory on your device and proves to be a suitable option for expensive HDDs.

How To Back Up Cloud Data Automatically And Efficiently?

For corporate organizations, Cloud Storage reduces the cost of purchasing physical storage equipment and hiring IT staff for server maintenance, etc.

Everything is managed by the cloud service provider. All you need to do is sign up and start uploading your files!

Because it keeps a second copy of your data, online storage proves to be a lifesaver in case of theft or damage to your local device.

Where Is Cloud Data Stored

You can access your cloud vault from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Most cloud providers offer powerful desktop, mobile and web services.

Fortress Blockchain Technologies Teams Up With Google Cloud

Unlike an expensive external hard disk, which takes up physical space and has limited storage capacity, cloud storage is cheap, does not take up physical space, and its power can be expanded or reduced according to your needs!

Unlike external HDDs where your data is stored locally, cloud storage servers are housed in highly secured data centers with 24/7 security.

Cloud storage uses RAID systems as an effective storage solution. They back up your data online in different settings. So, even if the data server crashes, you can still access your files without power.

You can upload your official documents like License, PAN, Aadhaar Card, Marksheets, etc. to the cloud and download them whenever needed!

Cloud Storage It Data Storage Plan For Cloud Storage

You can get a small amount (up to 15 GB) of cloud storage for free. But if you need more space, you must pay a monthly, annual, or lifetime fee to access cloud storage.

Cloud storage services do not work offline. You need a working internet connection with good speed to upload and download your files. In my opinion, a minimum of 2MBps is a requirement for accessing cloud storage.

All your information is stored on third party servers. So, before you trust a cloud provider, always check if it uses good registration standards, has a clean privacy policy, and is not affiliated with the 5 Eyes Alliance.

Where Is Cloud Data Stored

Every reputable cloud storage vendor offers some key features to their customers to ensure better security, access and convenience. Let me walk you through some of them.

On Premises Vs Cloud Data Storage: Which Is Right For Your Organization?

In simple terms, the Reversal is an undo option and its limit is extended to days or weeks! It allows you to check, preview, and restore old versions of your files.

This feature is useful if you accidentally edit a file and want to go back to previous versions.

Every cloud storage provider provides a trash folder to store your deleted files. So, when you delete a file from your vault, it is not deleted immediately.

For example, Icedrive offers unlimited trash options. This means that your files will remain in the Trash unless you manually remove them.

The World Will Store 200 Zettabytes Of Data By 2025

Cloud Storage offers great file sharing options. For example, if we talk about pCloud, it offers special options for sharing file links.

This feature is not found in most cloud storage services. However, the cloud storage giants often provide a hard drive available with their computer hardware.

So, once you download their software, a drive is created on your virtual computer. This means that it does not take up space on your home device.

Where Is Cloud Data Stored

It works like an external hard drive attached to your computer. You can move, copy, paste, or make any changes to this cloud drive and all changes will always be synced to the cloud. It’s fun, isn’t it?

How Safe Is Cloud Storage?

The sync feature is important if you work on multiple devices. It ensures that all changes you make to your cloud vault in one device are synced to your other devices.

Top cloud storage providers like pCloud also offer advanced sync functionality with their cloud storage devices, such as Block Level Sync and Selective Sync. Let’s understand what it is.

Cloud service providers also allow you to enable 2FA so you need to provide a unique code along with your login details to verify your identity.

You can find tools like Google Authenticator, Authy, etc. that can generate 2FA codes for your websites for secure login. For more details, you can check my detailed article on 2FA Apps.

Russia Faces It Crisis With Just Two Months Of Data Storage Left

Zero encryption algorithm encrypts your data in such a way that no one but you can delete it, not even the company’s employees, their employees or their CEO!

Cloud storage providers like Icedrive and pCloud offer zero-knowledge encryption that can be used to protect a specific folder.

When you install their mobile app, you can select specific folders that will be automatically backed up to the cloud and recent changes will be synced as well. Most internet providers offer backups of your photos.

Where Is Cloud Data Stored

You can access cloud storage services through online tools or software designed for them. For example, Google Drive can be accessed as a web application and also as a desktop or mobile device.

Best Amazon Storage Services And Its Advantages

Cloud storage services offer a user-friendly interface with a file manager. Using the file manager, you can perform basic file operations such as adding, deleting, or copying files from your storage, etc.

Well, many people use these two terms interchangeably. Yes, they are related to “the cloud”. But, they are not really talking about the same thing.

Cloud Storage allows you to store your data in the cloud that you can access from anywhere at any time online. Cloud Storage refers to ‘data storage’.

Whereas, Cloud Computing means using computing power and cloud computing resources to do our jobs.

How To Transfer Your Data To Google Cloud

Some popular examples are web applications such as Canva, Zoom, Office 365, all Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Meet, etc.), Thinkific, Teachable, etc.

Where cloud storage is limited to storing your data online, cloud computing lets you use online resources to do a variety of tasks!

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud solutions used by millions of users worldwide.

Where Is Cloud Data Stored

It works well with all Google products and has one of the best team collaboration features. However, it lags in terms of privacy and advanced sharing functions!

Seagate Goes Big Into Cloud Storage

PCloud is a respected cloud storage platform based in Switzerland. With a free pCloud account, you get 10 GB of free cloud space for storing your files.

It is a very efficient cloud storage that gives you amazing speed, advanced distribution, and great sync functions. However, the only problem with pCloud is its expensive add-ons!

Dropbox is the first cloud storage service ever launched! It offers 2 GB space for free and is the best option to sync your files in different settings.

It offers integrations with services like Office365, GSuite making it a viable option for collaboration. However, it lags in terms of security.

Technology Of Cloud Data Storage, Server Room Rack, Database And Data Center Isometric Icon, Abstract Concept, Download Stock Vector

Icedrive is a newcomer to the cloud storage market! With one of the best user interfaces and great speed, Icedrive’s USP is its affordable plans.

Since it is a new player, it is making many improvements in its features. But its GDPR compliance and zero-knowledge option make Icedrive a reliable cloud storage solution!

If you wish to know more about the best cloud storage services, you can check out my article on Best Cloud Storage of 2022.

Where Is Cloud Data Stored

You can find free as well as paid options for Cloud Storage solutions. Free cloud storage can be accessed by signing up with your email.

The Role Of Automation In Cloud Computing And Data Storage, Ciosea News, Etcio Sea

A very popular example is Google Drive which gives you 15 GB of free space once you sign up with Google!

In general, you can get anywhere between 2 and 50 GBs of cloud storage for free. However, if you need more space, you can choose paid plans.

Currently, different cloud service providers offer storage space at different costs. It all depends on your needs. You can choose a monthly or yearly plan, depending on your needs.

Even though you may not use any cloud data, you still have to pay a monthly fee if you go for a paid service!

Best Privacy First Cloud Storage Services

Some cloud providers even offer lifetime plans of full value for money for a long time! For example, Icedrive offers 1 TB of cloud storage for life at $149.

If you need help deciding on the perfect cloud storage for your needs, you can check out my Cloud Storage Buying Guide video!


Where Is Cloud Data Stored

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